Eleonora Weber (*1983 in Qurghonteppa, Tajikistan)

CCA, Film, 2015

It is in use every day. It has to digest, sleep, excrete, sweat. Get dirty, hurt, sick. It is supposed to always obey. It is a constant companion. Probably the only one who knows us from the inside. Our anatomy and how we think. It is close yet distant at the same time. It is entirely different from all the other bodies. It has its own inner life and in itself many other bodies. It is full of itself.
The body is in constant motion. Even when asleep, it is never completely calm. The body is visible. The soul is not. The body can speak. It is always feeling something, and that something is the soul. And the soul first feels the body, holding it back so it doesn’t float away.
What happens if one tries to get between? Between body and soul. Between the in and out. Who then is the perpetrator and who the victim? Who commands and who obeys? Am I the culprit, turning myself into a victim? Where is the line between the two? Is there a centre? There, between the body and the soul? Is there anything like friendship? Maybe a romantic relationship? Or dislike? Are we interested in its end and its beginning?
It is there after all. The body.