Annemarie Braun (*1993 in Blankenburg, Germany)

Planeten, pencil drawings, photography, monotype, objects, acrylic paint, ca. 220 cm x 200 cm, 2017

The work “Planeten” (planets) is my personal approach to the world: a cosmonautic walk.
An ensemble of 12 small-formatted works is being displayed on the wall, whereby the interrelations between the single sheets are of great importance. Recurring forms that recall organic structures are extracted from the possibilities offered by the material, sought in collected photographs and objects, playfully varied and cautiously set. The oval — a universal form which bears the potential of every form — is plainly melted into a unity with the rectangular format. Sometimes filled in, sometimes as an outline giving space for an inner structure. The single pieces are handled individually in terms of framing and hanging. A field is created in which forms speak to one another and, within the whole installation, merge into a subtle polyphonic chord.