Manuel Tayarani (*1988 in Munich, Germany)

super Barbecue, acrylic, oil paint and acrylic spray paint on canvas, 120 x 100 cm, 2016

touch, acrylic paint on digital print, 70 x 49,5 cm, 2016

Paintings, photographs or sculptural interventions, the common syntax of Manuel Tayarani’s artistic activity is the decomposition and restructuring of different materials and their contents and contexts. As an inspiration and basis for his collage work, he often takes digital photographs, which he uses as a stock and pool for further development in his artistic collages. Photographs often function as a kind of travel journal. For example, during a residency in Matsudo (Japan) this spring, Tayarani used the medium of photography as a research and archiving tool. This results in stills of captured impressions, which he fuses together in his artistic examination into texture carpets. In his paintings, as well as in the digital excerpts of his works, the remnants of captured memories of different contexts express themselves through soft “smooth moves“, without corners and with only a few straights. In analogy to the structure of speech or image fragments which he finds in his environment, his works can be understood as their dissolution.
Text: Sonja-Maria Borstner