Magda Beger (*1985 in Heilbronn a. N., Germany)

Tulips, lithography, paper format 76 x 59 cm, 2017
Nike, aquatint etching, paper format 54 x 76 cm, 2016

In my work I focus on the medium of printmaking, primarily making use of the techniques of etching and lithography. I am interested in the medium’s immanent materiality and sensuality as well as in the translation of stroke and texture. Regarding the theme, I am moving within classical forms and genres. To me, still life and portrait are playgrounds in which I am able to explore my relation to and my perspective on the subject. Nature studies are central to my work. The setting oscillates between surface and form, to some extent unconnected, autonomous, but yet remains part of a functional reality.

Pudel, Farblithographie, von einem Stein gedruckt, Papierformat 64 x 48 cm, 2017