Ann-Charlotte Gerlach (*1992 in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany)

Hybride Doppel 048/170: Untitled (Wurzelpeterin), Found Footage auf Papier, 2017

Hypride Doppel 050/170: Untitled (Geburten belasten den Rücken), Found Footage auf Papier, 2017

Hybride Doppel 047/170: Untitled (Frauen die dich wollen – warum erstmal egal), Found Footage auf Papier, 2017


The word I am looking for is: Kunstkater.
But besides that I am still deeply touched.
By the works, the buildings, by the city and this light, by all this life.
I am looking forward to mutual reports!
I am also a little unsure of what is going on underneath my worry lines.
I love to remember those days in Berlin — I have already devoured two of the books.
I read with pleasure and I do watch movies a lot (by now I am crazy about almost everything).
In the end you go home alone, two beers coursing your veins, you lay down inside your habits and feel completely independent, without feeling lonely at all.
This is no state of permanence, but without doubt a passing moment in time anyway.
True, the only thing bothering me once again is art.
I am highly curious about your stories from Weißensee.
By now there is actually barely a line.
I am working on a little painting which I want to give as a present on Wednesday.
At the end we just got through it, never mind it had this really bitter taste.
Photos and words I’ll send you soon. Maybe I am going to hide for a while amongst the books.
My art is put to rest a little (once again), but so what, I am in love.
It seems like you made it, you gave an emotional and secret feeling a real face.
The last time we met, despite your general and well known happiness and energy, I saw you a little chastened and I kind of understand your inner fight.
I was able to proudly stand by an idea that wasn’t mature.
Here, besides some emotional confusion, all is the same.
I am thinking about how I was and why I am growing up at all.
So, once again, with more time and even less concentration.
I rethought it all again… all nonsense and nothing matters.

To write a manifesto of utopia?
I would imagine this to be technically difficult.

* Original fragments of letter/email correspondence
with Johanna Failer, 2015—2017