Entries by Tillmann Lange

A short visit with Manuel

Acute, in the throws of ultramarine fever, Manuel Tayarani is working on new drawings and objects. Plastic, clay, paper, ruler: A cursory glimpse of his work space is cause for brisk associations. Here’s a space for drawing, kneading, pasting, cutting, pulverizing, atomizing – in front, behind, above, below. And for speculations on how all this […]

A heated discussion on placements

It seems as if, since no man is an island, some works are better suited to blossom as wallflowers. In discussing mutual swaps, positions are shuffled and reshuffled on the parceled ground plan. The aim is to give each work the best possible home base. But just as in real life, neighbourhood conflicts are inevitable.

On-site survey

The parceling of the exhibition space, so far existing only on the groundplan, designed by imagination, is being measured for real, at Kunstpunkt. With chalk, the planned allocations are marked on the floor, and reviewed for sustainabilty. Here and there, surprises turn up, when space so convincing to the imagination is cut short by the […]

Nulla dies…

With sweeping gaze, Rahel Goetsch roams the cityscape, collecting drawing fragments that turn up on her walkabouts. Armed with a stack of small format paper, she embarks – absorbed and attentive at once. She speaks of play, of borders, of a ping pong kind of an interplay between paper and world, which she attempts to […]

The vision: from Open Space to hedge

In October 2016, our professor Pia Linz initiated a study trip. We left for the countryside with an aim to bring the group and the work closer together, and to get a feeling for the ways in which we can work together, as a class, far from the distractions of Berlin. It’s not unusual in […]