The vision: from Open Space to hedge

In October 2016, our professor Pia Linz initiated a study trip. We left for the countryside with an aim to bring the group and the work closer together, and to get a feeling for the ways in which we can work together, as a class, far from the distractions of Berlin. It’s not unusual in such circumstances for the main issues to arise by themselves.Also, Professor Pia Linz has a vision: a group exhibition!

Also, Professor Pia Linz has a vision: a group exhibition!

The planning of the trip includes that all participants should contribute to the stay, actively! To give some structure to this democratic idea, we pack Open Space Technology in our bags: A method developed to take on big subjects in short time and with transparency. Open Space is founded on the principles of self-organization and self determination of all participants, and the general rejection of controlling. Trust is placed in the ability of the participants. Transparency and a free exchange of ideas, full speed ahead!
The maxims
“Those present are just the right ones!”;
“What will happen is the only thing that could have happened!”;
“Done is done, what’s not yet done is not yet done!”, mark the start!

Our itinerary for the next three days:

# morning yoga # work presentations with 2 reproductions each # talk about identity # anonymity, intimacy, encounter # language comparison laboratory # text experiment: We cut and black-out text, and laugh about wonderfully playful words # inspiration vs. creativity (The magical moment?) # presentation and appreciation # the occupational image of the artist # talk about reading # yelling in the forest # taking walks # drawing together # wine and music in the evening

What we wanted to take back from Sauen to Berlin:
The vision of an exhibition created from the INSIDE!

*Trip to Gutshof Sauen: 21.11.2016–23.11.2016